Traveling with your pet, especially during the holidays, might be essential for your family. Read on for tips to make your pet’s next trip safe and comfortable for both of you.

Research the Rules

If you are lucky enough to be traveling by car or RV, taking your pet along for the ride is easy. Secure the animal in the safety of their kennel and check if pets are allowed out during stops. For example, National Parks allow some pets. However, it depends on the specific park you’re visiting and keeping to the designated area of the park’s boundaries. If not allowed, your dog or cat must stay inside your vehicle during sightseeing while in the park. This keeps your pet safe from wild predators, and you can enjoy the natural beauty of the park. Check for pet friendly motels along the way. Your family will enjoy a nice room, without worrying about interference from next door neighbors.

Have Vaccines Updates

I am not talking about Covid, but rather your pet’s regular vaccines. All rabies, Bordetella and other pet-specific vaccines must be updated and certified. Many veterinarians will provide a travel or bordering certificate for your pet to travel safely. Up to date vaccines keep your animal and other travelers safe from viruses and other diseases circulating during your travel time. As of this publication, domesticated pets are not required to have a Covid-19 vaccine to travel. Check your country’s public health policies, as requirements are changing constantly.

Make Pets Comfortable

Finally, try and keep your pet on the same routine they had at home while traveling. While this is not always easy, stick to the same schedule for feeding, potty breaks and sleeping. Traveling is hard on anyone, especially on an animal that doesn’t understand why their bed and surroundings are different. Make your pet as comfortable as possible within reason.  Keep their food the same and bedtime rituals as normal as possible. Pets, like people, might have upset stomachs or trouble sleeping in an unfamiliar environment, so be patient. Time will help your pet adjust to the traveling routine.

If all else fails, think about boarding your pet or asking a trusted friend to watch them.  You want to enjoy your trip as much as fido, so think about keeping them home for peace of mind