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Tempe-Based Travel Blogger & Enthusiest 

Based in Tempe, Arizona, Kathy Husser is a successful professional who has led an active career within the library field. 

Kathy Husser, based in Tempe, Arizona prioritizes travel in her life.  She sees a large connection between travel and work, especially in how it relates to the global economy. She loves to travel and learn about history, as well as the ways in which different cultures live, work and play. Especially when it comes to libraries, she enjoys examining how other countries handle their histories and access to information in the 21st century. Kathy recognizes that the trends and new developments in libraries are universal and tend to entrench globally. Kathy believes libraries are a great equalizer in our society.


The public library was the start of Kathy’s successful career in Arizona libraries.  Kathy worked her way up to earn senior administrative library positions in Phoenix and Tempe. Kathy has spent 23 years working hard developing service model improvements and prioritizing customers and her library teams’ aspirations. Her roles have also allowed her to successfully manage a number of large public events to assist the community and their needs. As a strategic planner, Kathy is positioned to succeed in senior-level management positions and bring measurable outcomes to her libraries. 


Kathy Husser has been a member of many professional organizations and affiliations throughout her career. She served on many library and funding committees to help Arizona communities. Utilizing her knowledge of the library industry and public speaking skills, Kathy was appointed the Arizona Library Association’s Legislative Chair. This role allowed her to travel to Washington D.C. to advocate for library issues on a nationwide level. 


In addition to these talents, Kathy also has an extensive background in federal and state grants growing economic development and educational needs. She has written and earned several grants ranging from $3,000 to $40,000 per project over the years. Other accomplishments include being one of 35 managers selected for the American Library Association Leadership Institute in Chicago. Kathy has also presented at multiple Arizona Library Association and other leadership and management conferences. Her most notable achievement includes having been one of only three other Arizona libraries to earn the Institute of Museum and Library Services National Medal nomination in 2019. The “gold medal” for libraries and museums.


Travel has allowed Kathy Husser to discover more of the world and examine the ways in which other cultures live and work. As most avid vacationers know, traveling opens your eyes to different world views and lifestyles. In Kathy’s experience, travel has educated her in countless ways and has given her diverse learning opportunities.


Kathy continues to stay in touch with her industry, especially as new resources continue to emerge. Whether due to a global pandemic or the introduction of innovative technologies, libraries continue to evolve. Libraries will continue to be the cornerstone to serve our community’s needs and future generations with innovative programs and services. 


Stay up to date with Kathy’s love of travel, and be sure to check her library blog for current posts.


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