Have you asked yourself, what is my dream vacation?

As we recover from two years of travel limitations due to covid, new vacation trends have emerged. Here are some tips to use if you are booking a summer trip this year.  Keep in mind travel has changed and some countries still have public health restrictions in place.

Bucket List Travel is Popular

People have not traveled for fun in over two years, and many can’t wait. Booking agencies are seeing an uptick in lifetime “dream vacations.” In other words, what’s on your travel bucket list and when can you go!  Budgets are not limited this summer, so book that dream cruise or European destination early for the best seats and accommodations. Unique all-inclusive resorts are also more popular this year, so you can truly relax and unwind with less hassle.

Family Vacations Across Country

In the United States, National Parks are a huge draw this summer. Many parks are requiring reservations and are filling up fast. Renting RV’s or taking extended family along is a common theme of summer vacations this year. Glacier National Park in Montana is already limiting visitors by car and many activities are booked. Make plans now, for family travel if you’re including children and must book alternative transportation, such as an RV.

Volunteer Vacations

While we’ve always been able to enjoy ourselves in vacation, many organizations are seeing an increase in volunteerism especially during overseas travel.  With limited resources, climate crisis issues, and the reality of the pandemic, urgency for social change is in the forefront. Why not teach your children about the world and improve it while you travel? Many organizations are available to help with your passion project and many more are now accepting temporary volunteers. Beach clean-up, animal rescue, and native plant rehabilitation are just a few experiences to share with your family this summer.

You are only limited by your imagination, so make those plans and enjoy this summer with a new travel experience! Let me know where you are going this year to make your travel dream come true at KathyHusserTempe.com