With so many people traveling by air, people want to experience new, reliable travel options. Train travel is the trending vacation you want to investigate in the United States or abroad.

Cross County in the United States

Gone are the days of vending machine meals and cramped compartments on cross country trains.  Amtrak offers comfortable rooms, delicious hot meals, and room to enjoy the train on many of their trips. Reviewing the travel schedule for this article, a rail pass from Los Angeles to New York City is very reasonable. Fares ranged from $250-$1600 for the 3-day trip. A private restroom, sleeping berth, and meals are included in the upper end fare.

Even better, when I checked 30 days out from my travel day in January, there was still plenty of private berths available. What better way to enjoy a cross country trip of the United States in the luxury of your own compartment.  You will experience the country on a whole new level, have meals available, and with no driving.  Be aware noise and motion levels vary by your location on the train. Bring ear plugs, a comfy pillow, and something to read if you have trouble falling asleep.

Orient Express in Europe

If you’re feeling like a real adventure and your travel budget can handle it, how about the Orient Express! Including ultra-luxurious train cars and service to surpass your wildest dreams, you’re experiencing history.  The La Dolce Vita transports you in style to enjoy the view and destinations in Italy while enjoying this historic train. It’s truly a magical adventure and once in a lifetime trip.

Booking early for your prime travel dates is highly recommended especially now, while luxury travel is in high demand. In 2025, the Orient Express will begin trips on 17 newly refurbished train cars to expand European rail travel.  Transporting you back to the 1920’s but with modern luxury service. Check out the trip before you book to ensure your experience will meet your expectations.

Scottish Rail Travel

If you’d like to incorporate train travel into your vacation plans and save a bit of money, then check out ScotRail. With recent labor disputes resolved in last year traveling by train is the best way to see Scotland.  With seven fare options, touring Scotland by rail is also economical, especially in a country so vast.

Exploring and experiencing new travel destinations is the first step in understanding other cultures and enjoying unique vacations. Remember the best weather is in the spring and summer, but winter provides stunning views too. Taking the train will also keep Americans safe, that are not used to driving on the left side of the highway. Why not book a rail pass or trip of a lifetime outside of your comfort zone this summer.

Experiencing train travel has never been easier or within everyone’s budget. Happy and safe travels!

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