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We are lucky enough to live in an era where faster and more accessible travel is making it easier than ever to traipse about the world, pandemics notwithstanding. Still, just because you can travel fast and furiously doesn’t mean you should. On the contrary, slow travel is gaining popularity with travels the world over – and with good reason.

Stop and Smell the Roses

Jetting all over the world is a great place to get to Point A and Point B, but what about all the space in between? There’s more to the world than airports, landmarks, and business districts, you know. Slow travel allows you to immerse yourself in a local culture a bit more by taking local transportation and experiencing things as locals would. It also gives you more time to enjoy the cultural flavor of an area.

The Romanticism of Travel

Have you ever dreamt of taking trains or backpacking across Europe? How about embarking on the good ol’ Great American Road Trip? How about winding your way through Asia from the Steppes to Shanghai? Traveling by cars and planes alone may be faster, but it also risks killing the very romanticism of travel that has made it so alluring for millennia in the first place.

Greater Sustainability

As we become more conscious of our impact on the environment, we realize that we need to change the way we engage with it, including travel. True, nothing we do can top the importance of making major polluters pay their fair share. The vast majority of pollution comes from a minority of billionaire corporate polluters and government-owned industries in countries such as China and India. Even so, changing our way of traveling to be less wasteful and more eco-friendly is still a positive step forward. Taking local transit more and jetting around less can help cut down on carbon emissions and help the planet one eco-smarter trip at a time.

Travel a smarter and more sustainable way while putting a bit of the romantic magic back into cross-country voyages with slow travel trips today.