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As long as there have been travelers, there have been many ways travels could go wrong. Just because they could doesn’t mean they should. Here are tips to help you travel smarter and safer for any trip.

Pickpocket-Proof Yourself

Major metropolises such as London, Paris, Mexico City, and Los Angeles are all incredible places to visit. They’re also notorious for their pickpocket problem. We all want to be trusting, but be smart about who you trust, always stay in a well-monitored area, and keep a tight grip on any purses or bags. You may also want to leave valuables or personal papers back in your hotel or Airbnb, just in case.

Be Ready Weather-Wise

Another thing about a place like London? The weather can change in 10 minutes. One minute it’s sunny, the next it’s rainy, then back to sunshine once more. Changeable weather’s true of other big cities such as San Francisco as well, so always be sure to have an umbrella or change of clothes handy.

Public Transit Issues

If you want to annoy locals in London, stand on the left side of the Underground escalators, blocking passengers trying to push by. If you want to anger Parisians, Los Angelinos, and Muscovites, stand right in the middle of the already-crowded streets and make traffic even worse. Of course, if you want to actually get along in these cities, you should avoid doing all of that and learn and obey the local public transit rules and culture. You should also do some research on the most cost-efficient ways to get around. For example, cities such as Amsterdam and Berlin have fantastically inexpensive tram systems, which may be way less expensive than renting a car. They can likewise provide a way more engaging travel experience.

Canceled Flights

Nobody likes flight cancellations, but when they happen, you have to act fast. The longer you take to book a new flight, the more chaotic your travel schedule can get. At the same time, you don’t want to rush. Review your options and ask the help desk for assistance. You can also do your best to try and avoid chaotic weather conditions and the flight cancellations they can cause by traveling to areas known for bad weather during calmer seasons. India and the Gulf Coast are lovely, but it may be best not to travel to either during monsoon or hurricane season if possible if you want to avoid travel chaos.

These simple but effective tips can make your travel plans a lot more disaster-proof.