Summer will be here before we know it, and planning for a vacation or a family get together needs to happen soon. Consider a family reunion to bring everyone together after these last few years of isolation. Read on for some planning tips for your next family reunion or get together this summer.

Location, location, location

The first item to cross off your reunion planning list should be the confirmed date and location of the event. Some questions to ask your relatives beforehand: When is the best time for their family? Are the kids out of school? Any large work projects or travel during the suggested time? Are there venues or large outdoor spaces available during your reunion? Knowing what the family would like is a starting point. Realizing upfront you will not meet everyone’s timetable or needs is another.

Overnight or One Day Only

Determining the length of the reunion and the activities will take into consideration many factors.  The number or relatives traveling from out of state or the country. The average age of most of the family. Young families will have very different needs and wants vs. seniors and grandparents. Think about a long weekend when families can extend their stay in the area. Also consider one main gathering, and then age-appropriate activities which to choose from the remaining days. The plan for gathering should consider the length of the family reunion, location, and age-appropriate activities to all.

Cost of the Party

Finally, determining the cost and reunion budget is very important. Who picks up the tab should be a group decision. There are many methods to fundraise and defray costs too. The cost is usually split among the entire family and the timing and venues will vary the cost. Planning for a few more participants is easy, but overestimating being stuck with the bill is worse. Consider a RSVP with a token deposit if the cost for the venue is large. In addition, you could open the reunion to very close family friends. These folks can help defray the costs of food and drink. Be open to all options before invitations go out. Being flexible on the activities will also help with the budgeting. Remember, planning will help you make this summer a memorable time for your entire family and easier next time!