Need packing tips for your next trip?  Is your next trip a long weekend getaway or seven days to a dream destination? Then, you will need to bring enough clothes and necessities to help make your travel comfortable and affordable. Here are some tried and true suggestions on packing just enough for your next travel adventure.

Carryon Luggage

Having a carryon bag is essential for getting everything into one bag. A solid carryon bag also saves on luggage fees imposed by some of the airlines. A carryon with wheels helps navigating the airport quickly but check the size to be sure the bag fits in the overhead compartment. This is my first rule, if you can bring one carryon bag for free, then that is all you pack!  Having your bag with you eliminates the worry of not having anything show up on the luggage carousel. It also makes for a quicker airport departure to your ground transportation and your travel fun. Buy a sturdy bag within your budget and double check it will comply with measurements for the FAA, you’ll thank yourself.

Wear Clothes More Often

Plan out your outfits, even for children, and coordinate tops and bottoms so you can wear clothing more than once.  Denim shorts, jeans, warm sweaters can all be recycled into another outfit and save room in your bag. Take travel sized shampoo and lotion. You can also check with your hotel for complimentary bottles of smaller products which also save you money and space. Check the weather so you have the appropriate clothes to keep you warm. Check out your travel destination for drugstores that can handle last minute needs such as an umbrella or rain slicker.  Legwork and planning will make your trip much more enjoyable, and you feel prepared.

Roll, Roll, Roll your Stuff

You’ve got the bag, the outfits, and toiletries you need and now you need to it fit into one bag.  You accomplish this by rolling your clothes to minimize wrinkles and space. If you have formal items, using dry cleaner bags to roll your pants, dresses and jackets will further minimize creases while traveling. Shoes and heavier items on the bottom, stuffing rolled underwear, socks and gloves into shoe openings helps conserves space. Finally, pack your bag a few days ahead to help remind yourself of everything needed for the trip. Safe travels!