Scenic Winter Scene

Plan for winter travel while rates are low.

You have a week or two off from work and school but no ideas for your next getaway? Stay tuned for a few easy and affordable travel tips to enjoy a staycation in your own back yard or close to it. Cooler winter weather is a good excuse to get outside and enjoy!

Visit Snow Country

It’s that time of year, and playing in the snow, making snow people, and snowshoeing is not only good for your health but fun. If you live close to snowy areas, take advantage of the extra activities offered. Be sure to plan your road trip, have a full tank of gas and plenty of snacks before leaving. Consider bringing chains for your vehicle if the weather looks unpredictable so you are not caught off guard due to extreme snowfall. Dress in layers, for comfort and warmth. Be sure to bring a change of clothes too. Bring gloves, hats, and waterproof boots to keep your body warm, yet dry while enjoying activities outside. Keep an eye on the kids. Children have a tougher time keeping their body temperature regulated in the cold.

Holiday Festivals

Visit local holiday events that only take place once a year in your community! Holiday light displays, school carnivals, and extended public hours at Zoos, Museums, and Botanical Gardens are the best time to visit. When your family is together making it, a special outing is important. If you have an opportunity to have your out-of-town guests along for the ride, plan outings around their travel schedules. Check Groupon or the internet for other money saving coupons or offers to help cut admission costs.

Plan Your Dream Vacation

Finally, take some time and enjoy your family and map out your next dream vacation. It costs nothing to dream and having a group goal helps motivate the entire family to accomplish it. Delegate someone to research resorts, hotels, or rentals in the vacation area. Checking for economical rates in suburbs, such as Kissimmee, instead of staying in Orlando, Florida when visiting Disney World for example. Check airfares often and on different days since flight prices change frequently depending upon availability and the day of the week you’re researching. Staying home and planning your next trip is almost as fun as taking a vacation. So, kick back and enjoy your time this winter break.