After the past two years, we are all looking for happiness and contentment in our post pandemic lives. Read on for simple happiness hacks that are proven to work to bring joy into your life.

Social Connections

Creating social connections and other positive habits, research has shown, rewires your brain toward positivity and success.  Known as positive intelligence, the research points to happiness and consistent habits leading you toward your successful outcomes. It can be as simple as journaling three happy thoughts of gratitude. In addition, reaching out to your friends and family to find support has shown to improve happiness levels. Give it a try for a few weeks and see the results. Think what you could gain.


In addition, this habit leads to the next hack which is showing gratitude daily. No matter your circumstances, you have reasons be grateful. After reading the book “Thank and Grow Rich” from an article I read in Elephant Journal, my life was changed. The simple exercise of looking for the positive and being grateful every day is easy to make a habit. The book is filled with funny, well-written, real-life examples of the world opening up when you show gratitude. Just like the saying goes, “Open yourself up and the world provides.” Or something like that. You get the idea. Finally, when you look for the positive, good things do happen.

The book entitled, The Secret is also written along the same lines. While this book is more spiritual in nature, the message is the same. However, you need to be grateful and mindful by asking the universe for exactly what you want. It then presents those to you. In other words, the opportunities show up to fulfill your needs.  It’s that simple.


Finally, another common aspect of happiness is resilience. If nothing else, the pandemic has given us skills to succeed in the face of uncertainty. These skills build a resilient mind, body, and drive you to keep moving forward. Furthermore, resilient people are happier, more confident and see the positive even during difficult challenges. This has been proven, no matter your social standing or economic means. It’s like any muscle, to build it up, you need to use it! Building a resilient attitude will lead you to a happier and more content life.

Give a few of the happiness hacks a try and practice them daily. You will be glad you did!

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