If you want a unique travel destination for a long weekend have you ever visited a haunted hotel? Here are three top picks that won’t cost anything. Take your time to browse and get into the Halloween mood.

In San Diego, California across the bridge to Coronado Island is the beachfront Hotel Del Coronado. Built in the 1880’s the stately hotel is one of the last “wooden Victorian style resort” hotels of this time. The “Del’s” website is full of historical information and celebrity guests. The hotel also boasts an elaborate lobby. In addition to onsite shopping and a ghostly guest that hasn’t left in over 100 years! Check out The Del’s winding hallways and massive wooden staircase. These old world finds will transport you back to the 1880’s. It will also give you a feel for the old-time charm this hotel has even in today’s modern world.

If you’re ever in Northern Arizona, enjoying the changing leaves and cooler temperatures consider a stay at the Hassayampa Inn. Located in downtown Prescott on Gurley Street and a 90-mile drive north of Phoenix. The hotel is surrounded by antique shops, restaurants, and cowboy saloons. The Hassayampa is a perfect place to possibly encounter a spirit from days gone by. According to the historic hotel’s website, a languishing ghost dressed in a pink gown has caused unexplained cries, noises and objects to move. The ghost, while waiting for her newlywed husband’s return, wonders the halls. Finally, there is lots to see and do in downtown Prescott. You can easily  plan your next weekend getaway in Prescott.

The National Register of Historic Places also lists the Express St. James, in Cimarron, New Mexico as not only a beautiful destination for history buffs but also a perfect spot to encounter a ghost from the past. Built in 1872 on the old Santa Fe trail, the hotel was the lap of luxury for travelers in the 1880’s. Originally the hotel hosted a restaurant and saloon with its 43 rooms. Celebrities of the day such as Kit Carson and Buffalo Bill Cody stayed at the hotel. Now, the Express St. James is a historic hotel that boasts a resident “ghost,” you may encounter. Good luck and happy halloween!

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