Have you ever taken a flight on a float plane? If you’re scared of something new, read on, because flying on a float plane cured my anxiety


I was never afraid of flying. I was afraid of crashing and the lack of control that comes with air travel. It’s just more pronounced when you fly on a plane, especially the smaller models. The freedom you feel when you can be transported 100 miles away in less than hour is liberating. You have no worries up in the air, flying over the water like a bird. The freedom a plane provides a traveler is like nothing else.


The pilot of our float plane ran through the safety check and evacuation plan list just like any larger aircraft. The passengers were even given ear plugs for the noise, but none of us used them. You could hear the engines and smell the exhaust a bit, but nothing unsafe. I felt so happy to see the landscape from above, making out shoreline homes and boats in the water. In a float plane, you fly low enough not to have oxygen and to see the sites below. Plus, you fly over water most of the time, so I felt very safe if we landed unexpectedly.


Having conquered my fear of smaller aircraft was the best part of my first float plane trip. I love to travel, and sometimes smaller planes are all the options available. I was able to sit next to the pilot in cockpit on the way back to Seattle! Talk about a confidence builder! Being in the cockpit next to the controls was the best experience to see up close all that happens while flying.

The pilot navigated with shoreline in view, following shipping channels keeping level and steady. We increased our altitude due to some cloud cover, to minimize the bumps. But the birds eye view I had from my co-pilot’s seat was worth every worry I ever had. It was again very liberating to see first hand how everything worked, and so well at that!

When we descending into Lake Union from our trip from Canada, it seemed to have gone by so fast. But that 45-minute float plane flight was the absolute best reason to try my next big adventure. Whether its solo traveling or trying a new country, get out of your comfort zone and conquer those fears. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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