Camping is a great way for families to bond and enjoy the great outdoors. However, choosing the right gear for a family summer trip can be overwhelming, especially your first time. Here are key pieces of gear to have when planning your next camping trip.

Quality Tent

A quality tent is a must for any camping trip. When choosing a tent for your family, consider the number of people who will be sleeping in it. In addition, ask yourself where are you and your family camping? Does the tent need to provide extra protection from other extreme elements? A tent that allows you to stand up inside is a good option. For backpacking, a smaller and lighter tent is ideal. Make sure to also pay attention to the tent’s ventilation, to ensure that you stay cool and comfortable during hot summer nights.

Sleeping Bags

A good night’s sleep is essential for any camping trip, and that means having the right sleeping gear. Sleeping bags come in different sizes and temperature ratings. Be sure to choose one that’s appropriate for the weather conditions you’ll be camping in and hiking

Sleeping pads (under the bag) provide insulation and comfort too.  Sleeping pads come in different types, such as self-inflating, closed-cell foam, and air pads.

Ice Chest

A good cooler or ice chest, as I like to call them, is an essential piece of camping gear for families. It will keep your food and drinks cold and fresh, even in the hottest summer weather. Look for an ice chest with good insulation and a sturdy construction. You should consider the size of the cooler, based on the number of people in your group.

In addition, do you have any other method to cool your food such as a near by stream or camp store. These other conveniences will also determine the size of your ice chest for the trip.

Camp Stove

A camping stove is a must-have piece of equipment when camping with families. Stoves allow you to cook hot meals and have coffee or tea in the morning. There are many different types of camp stoves available. Your budget will determine from basic propane model to a more advanced stove that runs on different types of fuel.


Camping in the wilderness can be an adventure and a fun experience, but it comes with the need for light. Headlamps and flashlights are essential for finding your way around the campsite at night. Bring extra batteries and make sure they are working before you leave for your trip. One flashlight per person, even for the kids, is a good number to have on hand.  You never know when batteries will fail or an emergency comes up.

Camping with your family is fun with the right gear. These items will ensure that you have a comfortable and safe camping experience. Keep in mind that your camping gear should be comfortable, durable, and appropriate for your type of camping. Keep in mind the weather conditions you’ll be facing too.

With the right gear, your family can enjoy the great outdoors and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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