Ever wonder what to get mom this year for Mother’s Day? Gifts can be tricky, especially as Covid continues and visiting could be limited. Read on for ideas on the best Mother’s Day gifts to please any mom this year.

Mom’s Day Out

Is your mom an art lover or cooking expert?  Come up with a day filled with your mom’s favorites. I’m talking about a trip to her favorite museum or art exhibit and then a picnic lunch. Maybe take a cooking class on expert baking tips or preparing a special dish at your home together. For example, my family makes tamales for the holidays. Learning this traditional dish many years ago, with my mom’s technique was priceless and gave me a great new skill.  What day can you create that your mom will never forget?

Trip to the Park

If Covid restrictions are still in place in your area, what about a day at the park? Even if it’s just the two of you, think about her favorite foods and bring along alfresco fixings for lunch.  If you have grandchildren or even pets who can tag along, even better.  Think of some fun hide and seek or a nature scavenger hunt games that are easily played in your park. Maybe a long walk with the dog or a visit to a rose garden would make her day.  Again, get creative to make a memorable day outdoors with the one she loves…you!

Letter of Love

If mom lives far away and getting together is not an option, think about a thank you letter to her.  Even moms in assisted living have caretakers who can read them letters from their children.  Thank mom for the support and love she provided you while growing up. Think of a special memory and put it in writing for you both to remember year after year. It’s amazing what kids remember and how differently moms could recall the same event. Take some time and craft a letter and make sure to keep a copy for yourself.  You will thank yourself that you have those memories written down as time moves on.

If mom isn’t here any longer, take the day to remember the good times.  Time is fleeting and our moms gave us life, good or bad.  We need to celebrate life and the love they provided. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and make it special in your own way.