Looking for a fun vacation in the outdoors? Take a look at a few campsites voted the best in the United States for amenities and location. Plan your camping trip now for the best end of summer vacation.

East Coast

According to Outbound.com the east coast boasts Assateague Island, Maryland as the number three campsite. Located in a National Park, Assateague boasts many of the amenities you’d find at other popular outdoor spots. You will need to make reservations from March 15 through November 15. Campsites cost $30.00 per day.  Beachside and bayside camping is the best in this location. “Horse camping” is also available at Assateague. Finally, be sure to buy your firewood locally, since no out of state wood is allowed in the campsite.

West Coast

If you are near California, Wild Willy Hot Springs, near Mammoth Lakes is the best spot to visit. While, boasting natural hot springs which are free, no camping is allowed next to the springs. Drive 15-20 minutes down the road to Brown’s Campground or Convict Lake Campground. For $29-$35 per night, you will enjoy your camping experience. Convict Lake is in a National Forest, so be prepared for rules on storing food and other campsite regulations. Take a wild adventure to a natural wonder and enjoy the great outdoors too!


Lake MacDonald, Montana is located in Glacier National Park. The Lake MacDonald Valley, on the west side of the park, has four campgrounds. You need to check for road closures in the winter with the weather making some sites inaccessible. Reservations in the spring and summer months have horseback riding and tours also available for visitors. Finally, be sure to check the Apgar Visitors Center before you make plans. You need to consider availability, covid rules, and weather. All these factors will determine activities and make your trip more enjoyable.

Consider a camping vacation this year, and make your reservations early. However, remember this is only a sampling of what is available in our beautiful country. Happy Camping!

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