The holidays are behind us, it’s cold, but you want to travel in 2023. With the uncertainty of covid behind us, why not try a new travel experience this year. Have you heard about “Van Life” travel?

What is It?

Have you ever wondered what it was like to camp anywhere your vehicle could take you? “Van Life” is a well-documented adventure for many travelers. This experience has gone more mainstream lately with many couples and even families trying, life off the grid. You can consider renting a van for a week or two, or possibly borrowing one from a friend. Check out rental agencies first to give you an idea of what to expect from living out of van.

Be Prepared

For a taste of this unique experience, keep in mind a few pointers from the experts:

  1. Have realistic expectations. The typical van or converted livable vehicle is only 488 square feet. Many vans don’t have showers or indoor toilets. This is camping with a few more conveniences. Keep your expectations in check
  2. Be safe. Lock your van doors, even a rental. In some locations you won’t have access to Wi-Fi, and for safety’s sake you need to be cautious of strangers, especially if you’re a solo traveler. Be aware of your surroundings and always lock up at night or if you’re away from your vehicle. Consider an alarm system for extra protection.
  3. Ask for help and be prepared. This goes without saying, but be sure to know the water, electricity, and nighttime set ups BEFORE you leave home.  Ask help from the rental company or your friends and have written instructions to reference. There’s a lot to learn about a converted van before your trip. There’s even more to know before living in one.
  4. Plan your trip. Be sure you plan your route and let someone know where you will be traveling. Mishaps happen and having a scheduled check ins with the outside world is always a good protective measure. Planning your route ahead, also gives you heads up on road closures, campsites, and other amenities you might need.

Enjoy the Freedom

Finally, if you do decide on a travel van adventure, be sure to enjoy it! The freedom of no work or school schedules, along with the open road is a liberating travel experience. Give it a try if you’re still curious about van life and exploring National Parks or your own state parks.

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