Do you need an idea for a graduation trip?  Are you interested in a unique memory for your recent grad?  Here a few ideas to get your creativity flowing for a trip that won’t bust the bank and create memories.

Train Travel

In the United States, think about traveling by train to Boston or Chicago and experience a luxury train ride. Amtrak would be the site to check first. Abroad, trains run in most countries on frequent schedules. Upgrading to a sleeping berth, will get you to your destination in style while enjoying the countryside. Dining and hotel-like amenities are available and are worth the extra cost for a long trip.  Train travel is a fun unique way to meet other tourists and might be safer than flying currently if you’ve got a solo berth.

Cross the Country by Car

For even more personalized travel experience take your grad along on a cross country car trip. This gives you the flexibility of stopping whenever and wherever you choose.  Combine the trip into visiting your dream locale or relatives you’ve not seen in a while.  Being in a car together encourages great conversation and irreplaceable memories. This might be the last long trip you take together. So, why not take U. S. Route 80 or Interstate 44 for few days of driving fun.

Enjoy Your Hometown

Finally, with the recent surges in Covid, a staycation might be the best and safest grad trip this year. Do you live near a beach, museum, or large park?  Research current operational hours and make a huge event or even a long weekend of your time together. Check out that special restaurant for lunch or dinner. The experience should be memorable for both of you, and something to share.

If you live in a rural area, think about a long weekend in the nearest city. Try something new and explore what the city has to offer. Maybe a unique garden or art exhibit is more something you’d both enjoy.  Whatever you plan, make is special, and make it about your graduate’s recent accomplishment.

The last two years have been trying and exhausting. So, by normalizing and celebrating your graduate with a special trip and acknowledgement, you’ll both be creating a memory together. Let me know your plans for your next getaway at