Now that I have your attention, I want to assure you that all the information shared below does work and will make a big difference in your next travel plan. Finding the best deals and traveling for less money is easier than you think. Check out these proven strategies to enjoy your next travel adventure without spending a fortune.

Credit Cards

We have all seen the ads for credit card companies that want your business and provide FREE cash back, free travel points, etc. I’ve recently discovered how easy it is to learn about the best transferable travel points from The Daily  Developed by the YouTube travel duo of Kara and Nate. You receive daily or weekly updates on the best airline fares from your home airport and other current airline promotional information. The writing is witty and fun to read, so sign up for the newsletter and receive travel deals instantly.

You can also customize your fares depending upon your school vacation schedules or that dream destination on your travel list. Be aware that some cards do require a fee, but others are nominal or provide transferable points to hotels. It will take time to determine what the best fit is for your personal travel needs. However, if you pay off your credit cards investing the time in another travel card will pay off.  Especially if you travel more than twice a year abroad, you’ll see the cost benefit in the first year.

Airline Tips

Another strategy is planning your air travel around less busier days midweek, such as Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Most travelers use two-day weekends or longer holiday weekends for departures and arrivals. Avoid holidays and fly before and after holidays midweek for the best fares. Being flexible will go a long to avoid cancellations and flight delays these days.

Another important travel tip when flying, always book direct flights (if possible) on the first plane of the day. This strategy works for every airline, whether budget or luxury. Your chances of delays and cancellation increases as the day goes on, so get out early on that first flight.  Early morning flights are usually the cheapest due to the lack of convenience for some travelers especially families.

Be Loyal

By loyal, I’m referring to finding a brand of hotel you like and sign up for their reward program. When you stick to the brand and use those accommodations consistently, rewards follow. When you refer friends and family, you also receive (in most cases) additional rewards, as well as the new member.

You can be loyal to airlines as well, but some might not fly to your destination. Keeping a few airlines on your travel list works best, especially if your travel overseas. Some of the best and most customer-friendly airlines are overseas carriers that partner with American branded airlines.  Keep your options open when traveling and discover cost saving measures to get you to your next dream vacation in style!

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