Covid is over and you’ve booked that trip to Paris.  Now what?  With limited time, make sure to see these top three iconic sights in Paris this summer.

Louvre Museum

Centered in the heart of downtown Paris, the Louvre Museum is a must see and can be navigated in one day. Start at the iconic pyramid in the courtyard and make sure to buy tickets online to secure your spot early.  As of this writing, reservations are not needed, but with travel requirements changing frequently, check the website to be sure. Currently public hours are 9AM to 6PM.

First check out the most popular paintings to avoid the large crowds. Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, which in person is a rather small portrait, can accommodate 400 visitors at a time. Don’t wait for the room to fill up and catch your photos early in the day for this masterpiece. Be sure to plan your lunch break before 11AM or after 3PM to avoid the crowds in the eating areas. Resting throughout the day will help you enjoy the Tuileries Garden surrounding the Louvre for more photo ops

Eiffel Tower

Within walking distance from the Champs-Elysees the Eiffel Tower is a must-see Paris tourist stop.  Starting out early will be your best chance to see the city from above without major crowds.  There will be a wait, so buy your tickets early to secure your timed visit.  The admission is worth the view and unbelievable vantage point of the entire city.

Take as much time as you need to learn the history of the iconic tower and background behind the build. You’ll get to view Eiffel’s office at the top, so be sure not to miss it. Public hours run longer from 9AM to 11:45PM, so you’ll be able to plan an evening visit if you’d prefer.

Palace of Versailles

A 30-minute train ride from Paris will transport you to another world built for a king! Versailles was the Chateau home and gardens for King Louis the XV and his daughters. A short 15-minute walk from the train station will take you to the Versailles entrance gates and open your eyes to the opulence of another time. Early birds be sure to que up in line as it starts forming before open hours.  The entrance fee allows you the audio tour throughout the palace via your mobile phone.

However, my favorite part of Versailles was the gardens. You’re able to roam at your leisure and see Queen Marie-Antoinette’s cottage and the surrounding flowers, ponds, and stables. Public hours for the palace tour are 9AM-6:30PM with garden availability varying. Timed tickets are a must, so check out the website before your visit and plan a full day.

Stay safe and have fun this summer in Paris. For more travel tips check out my website: