Have you ever wanted to take a trip but had no traveling companion to share your vacation? Solo travel or taking trips on your own is increasing in popularity. Keep reading for tips on traveling by yourself as a solo sightseer.

Saving as a Single Traveler

Booking a place to stay for any trip can be very economical if you know where to look. Hostels and many YMCA’s provide very cheap lodging while traveling. You only need to please yourself. Keep looking  if the first room  isn’t quite what you were expecting. While not luxurious, the basics and vital necessities are provided when you book through Hostels Worldwide. You will often share cooking or restroom facilities with other like travelers in your dormitory while saving a lot of money.


If sharing a room isn’t quite your comfort level, then consider cruising as a single to try out solo traveling.  There might be a supplemental charge of 25-50% for singles on your cruise. However, this charge will vary. The advantages of cruising solo are the built-in like-minded travelers, preplanned activities, and more sustainable travel. Consider traveling during off season, such as in September for an Alaskan destination. Last minute bookings can also save you money depending upon the location.  If your travel dates are flexible, you will have a greater chance for last minute savings on single berths.  With the pandemic, the cruise industry is just regaining traction on trips. Check websites often for great deals.

Solo and Safe

Traveling alone is just as safe as traveling with others if you take the necessary steps. Be sure to know your destination and research the sites before you arrive. Have a travel plan you can share with someone back home. In addition, plan on keeping in touch with that person daily. Besides keeping your valuables back home, keep credit cards, cash and your passport in separate locations while traveling. I also give a copy of those important documents to the person back home.  It’s also advisable to wear a money belt or carry minimal cash to eliminate being a target for pickpockets.

Finally, eat well and get lots of rest to maintain a healthy, happy attitude while traveling. Staying in a good frame of mind and well rested will keep you alert, aware, and ready for the next activity.  Have fun and best of luck on your next solo adventure!