Have you ever wondered what the appeal is to buy an RV (recreational vehicle) and wonder the country?  Are you interested in finding out more about RV’ing?  Here are some tips I learned after my first RV trip to make your first adventure even more fun!

Do Your Research

Before buying an RV, I would highly recommend renting a model you like. Basic weekly rentals will cost you about $99 per day, plus mileage (as of this writing.) While the average RV costs between, $35,000 and $300,000 brand new. You will want to discover more about the actual experience by renting one first, to make the best decision. Furthermore, researching the models and renting more than one will provide you with even more information. Not all vehicles are created equal. Check out YouTube and blogs for more information as you narrow down your RV choices

Check out Different Parks

Take the time and be sure to check the driving conditions of your proposed routes after deciding on the model. Winter and summer travel is much different in an RV than a regular vehicle. If you are in the research phase, consider renting a couple times throughout the year. Experiencing different parks during different seasons, throughout the U.S.will give you a good idea of various driving experiences. Snow, ice, and rain will give you a very different ride in an RV, then dry pavement in a car. The weather is a big factor to consider especially on the handling and size of your RV.

Cost and Use

Finally, if you are buying consider the cost vs. how much you will use the RV. Is renting once a year, still a better option? Do the math and be very realistic about how often you will use the RV. The cost of RV rental spaces, hookups, and fuel also needs to be factored into your decision. Only you know how much use your family will get out of a new RV, so error on the side of caution. If you do want to purchase, always check the secondhand market via Craigs List before buying brand new. There are great deals out there on used RVs at a fraction of the cost.

Whatever you decide, give RV’ing a try. The combination of camping and the luxury of having the freedom to drive anywhere with your “warm bed” is relaxing.  Have fun this summer and make plans for a trip!