I’ve been getting questions about RV’s mentioned in a previous travel article  on the popularity of camping. RV ownership has increased 62% in the last 20 years, and I would rent or borrow before you buy. Horsepower, interior amenities, and appliances vary widely for RV models. These luxuries, not to mention if you’re able to tow a trailer, depend upon your family’s specific needs.

Below is a list of national RV rental companies:

Select the options, size, and destination for your trip. The company will share the rigs available to rent. I checked and spring dates are still available with summer dates filling up fast.

Local Options

You should also search for RV Rentals in your area from regional and smaller dealerships and businesses. I found Arizona Adventure Rentals, while searching, which is also close to my home. You should ask neighbors and family members about borrowing or renting their rig for a weekend too.  It never hurts to ask especially if you’re seriously considering buying a vehicle of your own.

RV Sharing

Furthermore, I would recommend looking into the company, Outdoorsy.com for RV “timeshares.” This service allows you to share or borrow someone’s RV in your neighborhood at a reasonable rate in a variety of sizes and amenities. Deposits are common and refundable when your trip is over, and the vehicle is returned in good condition.

Another site to check is RVshare.com which specifically matches your needs and size requirements to an RV in your area to “share.”  RVshare allows you to choose drivable or towable vehicles. Your family can also select different pickup and drop off locations depending upon your travel needs. When I searched, many of the owners also offered delivery service and extras such as bikes, kayaks, welcome baskets.  Previous customers rate the vehicle and owners’ interactions which is also helpful.

Finally, just give RV-ing a try! Nothing is more relaxing or rejuvenating than being in nature. What better way to explore the great outdoors than with your own camper or RV.  Thank you for your feedback and keep the suggestions coming. Happy Camping!