The last two years has put some travel plans on hold and made others scrap vacation goals completely.  Here are a few tips to make your next vacation or weekend getaway fun and safe in our new normal of traveling.

Mask Up 

Before you leave, know what your destination’s policies and travel restrictions are beforehand. Are vaccines required to fly into and out of your vacation location?  Do you need to wear a mask indoors or only public spaces?  What are the capacity limits in my hotel, and what does that look like? Also know what masking requirements are for your new locale and respect it.  Your trip will be much more enjoyable and hassle free. With restrictions being lifted or changing constantly, doing your homework will pay off.

Prepare to Pay More  

Rising inflation along with pandemic restrictions have forced most prices to increase a great deal. Do yourself a favor and check fees and rates before you make your travel arrangements. You want to make sure there are no unexpected charges on your final bill. With wages increasing and food costs higher than last month, travelers will be paying more for goods and services in the future.

Call ahead, check websites, and research your tourist sites. Check activities for any recent changes in admissions and hours of operation. You don’t want any unnecessary surprises after the fact.  For example, parking was once FREE at Las Vegas resorts is now a paid amenity. Be prepared to pay higher prices for services when traveling.

Have a Plan  

You need to be prepared to have alternative plans if safety restrictions or capacity limits are in place at your destination. It’s important to have a plan if the rules change mid-trip. If your heart was set on visiting a local tourist attraction that recently has had to reduce hours or close entirely, you don’t want to be disappointed. Public health mandates vary widely from state to state and country to country. You need to be flexible in your agenda and have other activities if your first choice is not available. This will also make your trip much more enjoyable and memorable.

Currently, as of this writing, airlines are mandating all passengers to wear masks in airports and on all flights domestic and foreign. Mask restrictions vary within countries, so check travel websites frequently before leaving home and be prepared with at least two approved face coverings, hand sanitizer and disposable wipes for your trip.  Enjoy and safe travels!