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Plan your next travel getaway, using a compass, map or your creativity.

Do you want to travel somewhere but just aren’t quite sure where? Answering these basic questions can give you the framework you need to choose your next great travel getaway.

What Is Your Budget?

Maybe you thrill to the glamor of your favorite stars’ globe-trotting life, but let’s be honest – you probably don’t have the same kind of budget they do. Figure out your travel budget ahead of time so you don’t overpay or suffer heartbreak as you have to cancel part of your trip because it’s too expensive. Of course, there are plenty of ways to cut costs. Booking flights well ahead of time or using resources such as Google or Sky Scanner can help you find better prices on flights. CouchSurfer and Airbnb can be more affordable than a hotel. Plan ahead and get creative for a great travel getaway.

What Type of Travel Experience?

Are you a natural beach bum ready to relax on the sandy shores of Spain or Southern California? Are you a culture vulture who can’t wait to hang around the Louvre or Uffizi or take in a West End or Broadway play? Maybe you love the wonders of nature and would like to explore the unparalleled natural wonder of the Amazon Rainforest, the Australian Outback, or African Serengeti? Determining what type of travel experience appeals to you can help narrow down the list of countries and regions you should see next. Some destinations are also bound to be less expensive than others, even within the same country, so this can impact your budget as well. A hotel in the Belgravia, Champs-Elysees, or Fifth Avenue areas of London, Paris, or New York are all bound to cost a fortune, but there are plenty of places on the edges of these cities that are way more affordable.

Browse for Ideas

There are tons of resources online for those looking for ideas for their next big trip. Instagram and Pinterest are overflowing with images designed to offer #inspiration for those with #wanderlust. These accounts are sometimes connected to YouTube channels or travel blogs devoted to this. At the other end of the spectrum are more formal travel websites designed to give travel ideas and answers to things such as airport protocol and visa issues.

Consider these factors and book a fantastic vacation that suits your needs perfectly.