If you’re curious what the best books and resources a traveling librarian recommends, read on. From choosing your destination to memoirs, pick the budget-friendly resources that will meet your travel needs and help you navigate your trip.

Travel Guides – Think Maps

As a visual learner, who loves photos, I enjoy DK Eyewitness Travel books. These travel titles always have helpful maps and tons of current pictures.  The location is researched and updated almost yearly and many of the books can be checked out at your library!  Library cards are free of charge, and many books can also be renewed. So, take your travel guide with you and have a free resource at your fingertips. Check out other locations before you travel by visiting your local library, and the travel guides available.

Memoirs on Travel

If you’re the type of traveler, who wants to experience a place you’ve read about, then check out these books. Loosely based on the writers’ personal experiences, you’ll also get a true feel of the destination before you travel.  “Under the Tuscan Sun” is transformative book about Italy and finding yourself. Another book is Eat, Pray, Love also about Italy, but also about the regional cuisine. You get the idea though. Visit your library, and search “travel fiction” and you will be surprised how many novels based on real life and solo travel exist.

Elephant Journal Website

This website is a writer’s haven, and I love posting my travel articles here. There is also a treasure trove of travel experiences and ideas available for trips. What makes Elephant Journal unique is it’s also a free resource with a very personal spin on the experiences. Just search for Travel or Family travel and articles will appear that meet your criteria. I’ve personally learned some great ideas for winter travel, taking pets along, and unique destinations. Hearing about mishaps to avoid or hidden gems during a trip is what you’ll find in Elephant Journal.

Word of Mouth

Finally, ask your friends, family, and coworkers where they’ve gone and enjoyed the most. Word of Mouth has been the best resource to learn about kid friendly spots and the times of year to travel. Be aware that someone’s best vacation, might not be yours. So, go into your travel discussions with an open mind and expectations that suit your family and travel budget. Your best vacation might be just around the corner after that business lunch. Enjoy and safe travels!

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